Cena & Texto

Armando Rodrigues do Nascimento Correia Rosa

1. Research and edit for publication three important dramaturgical complete corpus of three Portuguese influential dramatists of the twentieth century: António Patrício (1878-1930); Natália Correia (1923-1993); and Miguel Rovisco (1959-1987).

2. Another line of investigation that may cross, as well, with the previous one is called: The myth in theatre/The myths of theatre. The research is concerned with the mythical materials that emerge from dramaturgy and theatre, adding new complexes of culture to our contemporary collective consciousness.

3. A third line of the Scene & Text Project is focused in the production of critical thought, applied research and specialized bibliography in the context of Writing for the Theatre Scene (Escritas de Cena) and Theatre and Community (Teatro e Comunidade); two areas of MA specialization in which A. N. Rosa is coordinator at ESTC. This line of research is being developed with the participation of post-doctoral and doctoral researchers of CIAC/Universidade do Algarve; and post-graduate students in the MA of Escritas de Cena (Writing for the Theatre Scene), in the MA of Stage direction, and in the MA of Teatro e Comunidade (Theatre and Community).

During 2010, a book has been published by A. N. Rosa in USA, concerning this line of investigation, where his play Mary of Magdala – A Gnostic fable (the volume’s title), translated into English by Alex Ladd, appeared with an introduction by Veronica Godchild and critical essays by Bradley TePaske, Susan Rowland, Rosamonde Miller, Sally Porterfield, Nancy Qualls Corbett and António Mercado. This project that included staged readings and public sessions of debate around this dramatic work in New York and New Orleans. The collected papers presented at Encontro de Pedagogia do Teatro (Conference of Theatre Pedagogy), by a large and diverse group of scholars from Portugal and Brazil that took place at ESTC, in April, 2010, organized jointly by CIAC/ESTC and Universidade de Sorocaba (São Paulo, Brazil) will have an electronic edition during the current year, by CIAC. I Encontro de Escritas de Cena (I Conference of Writing for the Theatre Scene), organized by CIAC and ESTC, chaired by A. N. Rosa and Rui Pina Coelho, that will have the participation of a large number of dramatic Portuguese authors, and some invited speakers from France, UK and Brazil. The Complete Works of António Patrício are being published in a partnership between CIAC and Assírio & Alvim publishing house:, 2007, O Fim/Diálogo na Alhambra, 2007; critical afterword by A.N. Rosa, vol. 1; Serão Inquieto/Aforismos Inéditos, critical afterword by David João Neves Antunes; vol. 2; Pedro o Cru, vol. 3. The Complete Dramatic Works of Natália Correia, her fifteen titles will appear in two volumes in a partnership between CIAC and Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda. Three different essays were produced by Armando Nascimento Rosa in 2009, focused in the 2nd line of the project: Na Poesia das Cidades: Ficções Dramáticas - Academic Conference Cidade/Espectáculo na Cena Contemporânea Luso-Brasileira, Pontifícia Universidade de São Paulo (PUC), October, 2009; partnership between CIAC and CES/Universidade de Coimbra); Dramas paródicos e comédias sombrias: Teatro mitocrítico para o séc. XXI; Faculdade de Filosofia e Letras/Center of Research in Portuguese Dramaturgy, Universidade de São Paulo (USP); partnership with CIAC, October, 2009; Notas para um Teatro Mitocrítico, forthcoming issue of Sala Preta, annual Theatre Research publication of Universidade de São Paulo (Escola de Artes Cénicas).

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