Vítor Reia-Baptista

Bruno Miguel dos Santos Mendes da Silva

Emília Piedade

Filipa Cerol Martins

Gabriela Borges Martins Caravela
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Mirian Estela Nogueira Tavares

Sandra Cortes

To develop Media Literacy Seminars within a media education and research strategy in order to disseminate its main perspectives and to propose new research lines along the Mediterranean area.

To identify and map the most important trends in the main media production achievements made by the young Europeans, their small differences and major disruptions, with the help and point of view of several European experts in the Media Literacy field.

To clarify what are the links that can be established between the youngsters’ media production and their media education, as well as to identify what are the main skills that should be observed and achieved in a broad European context, from the Mediterranean media cultural environments to the Nordic media landscapes, all of them having the internet as their main dissemination vehicle and support network.

These steps will be systematized within a wide research process, sequenced in 3 different international seminars, Paris, Brussels and Faro, and a final assembled congress in Bellaria, between January 2008 and December 2009.

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