Mediterranean Thesaurus of Fictional Narratives

João Maria Gomes Ribeiro Mendes

Luís Alexandre de Jesus Falcão

Vítor Reia-Baptista

To expand the web of Research Centers/Universities of the Mediterranean Area, which propose to work for the common Thesaurus and its presence in contemporary film, theatre and performing arts.

ESTC and UALG based, this research project will start to build a source’s thesaurus of texts of the Mediterranean area (traditional tales, legends, poetry, classical, modern and contemporary literature, others) that have been or are being used in contemporary film, theatrical and performing arts, videoart or cross-media objects. This project has been inscribed among the general objectives of CIAC, that is, to develop research networks within institutions (universities, research centers, labs, etc.) in the Mediterranean area, with the purpose of identifying, collecting and analysing common roots and cultural narrative sources in distinct artistic creative processes (Theatre, Film, Literature and Performing Arts).

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