Cross Media, Mixed Media in NIT and Performing Arts

Gabriela Borges Martins Caravela
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Ana Isa Bernardino Mestre

Ana Isabel Candeias Dias Soares

António Manuel da Costa Guedes Branco

Armando Rodrigues do Nascimento Correia Rosa

Bruno Miguel dos Santos Mendes da Silva

David João Neves Antunes

João Maria Gomes Ribeiro Mendes

José Manuel Emiliano Bidarra de Almeida

Luísa Augusta Monteiro Araújo de Sá

Mirian Estela Nogueira Tavares

Paulo Jorge Morais Alexandre

Vítor Reia-Baptista

Gabriela Borges Martins Caravela
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Pedro Leal Filipe

Jorge Felício

Nuno Fernandes

To develop the research on this trend based on the “Film Studies” and “Theatre and Performance Studies” traditions versus its technological applications.

This project has been inscribed among the general objectives of CIAC, that is:

- To conduct applied research in artistic creation and teaching labs in the fields of Theatre, Film and other Arts, establishing meaningful links between theoretical research and creative processes.

- To develop applied research in the field of new technologies and new modes of expressions associated to them, establishing links amongst media, theoretical reflection about Arts and Media, and practices associated to both.

- To investigate material, virtual, technological resources of artistic phenomena and the media, including the creation of databases related to the objects of theoretical and applied research.

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